Improve your archery skills using compound bows

Prior to the invention of modern day weapons such as guns, bows and arrows used to be the most preferred weapon when fighting wars. The bows and arrows had a great advantage over the spears and the swords in the fact that you could take aim and fire from a distance. You can maim or kill your enemy while remaining unhurt yourself. There are innumerable instances in history galore of armies using bows and arrows as weapons. However, with the passage of time, this highly skilled art became a sporting activity. People do compound bow hunting with bows and arrows today; however, the instances are less frequent.

The sport of archery:

Today archery is an Olympic sport where archers from all over the world assemble to participate and win. There are different categories of events in archery. Each category demands a specific skill. The equipment too has changed a lot with improvements in technology. You can find different kinds of bows as well as arrows today. One such bow you can see in Australia and its neighboring countries are the compound bow.

The Compound bow:

The compound bow works on the principle of mechanics. The very name compound’ suggests that the method is not that simple to use. However, with practice, one would be able to master this technique a great deal. The compound bows are very distinct from the normal bows you see in the history books and museums today. This bow works on a levering system using cables as well as pulleys to bend the limbs.

The benefits of using a compound bow:

The main benefit of using a compound bow is that you would be able to take your time aiming at the target and shoot it with a greater degree of accuracy as compared to other bows such as the recurve bow. Since this bow uses cams and pulleys, you would not have to put in a lot of effort to pull the string during the draw cycle. You will be able to shoot longer distances and have a greater aim while shooting.

The compound bow does not vibrate much compared to the other bows; hence, this factor makes it a favorite with the archers taking part in sporting activities.

This bow displays a greater degree of resistance to climatic changes such as humidity, heat etc. Hence, this gives the bow a superior accuracy level in comparison with the other kinds of bows.

The pulley system has rubber-covered draw-stops enabling the archer to adjust his optimum draw-length before shooting. This results in having a better shot at the target.

The disadvantages of the compound bow:

The compound bow has a low holding weight in comparison with a recurve bow. Hence, this makes the archer twist a little especially when he or she is at full draw thereby resulting in missing the target on occasions. However, archers can overcome this disadvantage by practicing and getting used to the mechanism of the compound bow.

However, the technology has come a long way. In fact, from the wooden and steel bows of the yesteryears, we have graduated to the compound bow mechanism. These advancements make the sport of archery truly exciting.


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